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Adoption is an area of family law that brings a couple and child together. While complex and sometimes disputed, the process of adopting is a positive step in building families. The legal issues that accompany an adoption can often be overwhelming, and it may benefit all parties to involve a knowledgeable adoption attorney.

At Sparkman Law Firm, we pride ourselves on providing qualified assistance and guidance to families in the process of adopting. Our firm is happy to help individuals, couples and families seek the addition of a child to make them whole. We have extensive experience with many different types of adoption situations and can ensure that the process is completed as a legal child adoption, minimizing any future risk of legal complications.

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The Complicated Yet Rewarding Process of Adoption

People in many different situations come to Sparkman Law Firm, to legally adopt a child. Childless parents who have searched overseas and located a child also need advocacy during every step of the process. Couples dealing with regional compliance issues or working with a birth mother require the level of dedicated representation that we provide.

Legal Child Adoptions in Florida

The types of adoptions that we handle include:

  • Private adoptions
  • International adoptions
  • Interstate adoptions
  • Agency adoptions
  • Stepparent adoptions

A considerable amount of paperwork must be filled out, with attention to every detail. The required steps for adopting mandate that you have an attorney at your side to ensure that everything is done within the law.

Providing Comprehensive Stepparent Adoption Services

Many of the cases we handle involve step-parents who wish to establish a formal familial bond with his or her stepchildren. We can help you take the necessary measures to gain the other biological parent’s consent to terminate parental rights. If you do not know how to contact the other biological parent, we can help you with putative registry searches and explore other options to gain an uncontested termination. If the other biological parent cannot be located, we will explain your options and help you through the process of completing the step-parent adoption.

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