Client Stories

We once represented a woman in a divorce case. Her ex-husband was so impressed with our representation, a few years later, he hired us for a different legal matter. We are fierce advocates for our clients. They’re not the only ones who notice.

Favorable results draw rave reviews. And we love them.

But at Sparkman & Sparkman, P.A., we also place value in giving our clients peace of mind, personalized attention, and fierce advocacy throughout the process – from start to finish.

Their success stories are our success stories.*

Here’s what many of our clients have had to say:

“After I hired Shazia, I didn’t have to worry about anything. She was always on top of everything and took care of everything. I was going through tough times with an injunction between my husband and me and felt alone. She would email me at night to make sure I was okay. I was in such good hands.” – V. P. Tampa

“It’s been a long and traumatic road, but Shazia and the whole staff has just been there and helped me through everything. She always gets back to me. Always. She’s very good at calming me down. Their skills are top of the line. Their professionalism in court is impeccable. I’m very pleased.” – M.P., Tampa

“I hired Shazia almost a year ago to assist with child support modification and the restructure of visitation for my daughter. I was very reluctant to hire legal council. My ex-husband and I have been divorced over ten years and times have changed. My daughters needs have increased and her father refused to help. Shazia and her staff instantly made me feel at home and comfortable. I had issues midway paying for my legal fees and instead of Shazia letting me go on my own, she refused to stop fighting for us and has continued helping me on her own funds. I have never in my life heard of any family law attorney being so compassionate. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for legal help in custody or child support issues.”

– S.C., Tampa

“Sparkman Law has been of great help through my divorce these past few months. I hired her after a year of me trying to do everything on my own. She picked right up where I was lost and was up front with me about how much I would need to pay and told me straight up what type of case I was up against. She helped me negotiate an awesome deal with my ex husband regarding child sharing so I wouldn’t have to go through a lengthy trial. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable about the law. She is also knowledgeable about Islamic marriages and Islamic contracts, which is what I needed to be deciphered. She was also very helpful with knowing information regarding divorce and the military. Shazia Sparkman and Erin Slattery did an excellent job with helping me through one of the most difficult times of my life! She is a fighter and she will insure that you have a just outcome of your case. I recommend her and her team with all of my heart.”
– A divorce client, Tampa, FL


Ms. Sparkman has seen me through what has had to be the most difficult time in my life. Her consultation with me was both a question & answer for me but also helped her decide if she was willing and or able to take on my case, and what it would entail. Very unlike what I experienced at other consults. She is upfront about what kind of time and fees you are looking at, given FL’s current court system. Her command and knowledge of the law and dedication to my case and the ongoing questions regarding it are unsurpassed. She is always quick to respond to any questions I have had and keep me very well informed on things the layperson doesn’t understand. My case had to do with an ex husband hiding monies to prevent him from paying support. Shazia knew exactly what kind of team to assemble, i.e. experts, to put on the case, and find the proof needed. Her staff has also been instrumental in making sure to communicate and coordinate any information I may need, or questions I may have. I came upon Ms. Sparkman while looking for a new attorney, and was referred to her by another lawyer I had called about my case, she had lost to Ms. Sparkman in court, but had the respect for her to refer me to her. I feel truly blessed to have Shazia representing me in court. I don’t think I could have found a more capable dedicated attorney anywhere.”
– A client, Tampa, Fl


“This recommendation is to express my complete satisfaction with one of the most dedicated attorneys I have had the pleasure of working with in Shazia Sparkman. During my gut wrenching divorce, Shazia’s intelligence, meticulousness, knowledge, and honesty outweighs any previous attorney I’ve dealt with concerning my divorce. Shazia is a trustworthy and knowledgeable individual who does not promise what she can’t deliver. Instead, she let me know what my options were (good and bad) and advised me on how I could precede. This helped me make an informed decision on what was best for me. Shazia is extremely responsive and kept me informed throughout my case. There were times when I received phone calls and/or emails as late as 11:00pm (EST) to let me know the latest updates. This was a big help considering I was on the west coast and three hours behind her time zone. Plus, she took the time to work with my complex military schedule and all of her efforts are appreciated. In closing, if you are looking for an attorney willing to fight for you every step of the way; I highly recommend choosing Shazia Sparkman as that attorney.”
– Bobby, Tampa, FL


“Shazia Sparkman has been the most amazing lawyer, counsel, advocate and ally during my highly sensitive, contentious and complicated case. I was married for 19 years and worked for part of my marriage. My husband ran several businesses and slowly started dwindling our accounts. By the time I realized that my husband had transferred all our assets and drained our accounts, he had served me with Divorce- I found Ms. Sparkman and her firm. From the moment I hired her she treated me like I was her family, like my case was hers. She worked tirelessly and sometimes I would drive by ( I live in South Tampa ) and I would see her working past 8:00 PM. she would email me at all hours of the night updating me on the case. She gave me hard advice, stayed firm and resolute and never made promises she couldn’t keep. Best of all is watching Ms. Sparkman in court, her passion is unmatched, her command of the law impressive and her professionalism awe inspiring in the face of some of the dirty tactic my husband and his attorney pulled. In the end, Ms. Sparkman’s counsel and advice preserved my sanity, gave me peace and courage and helped me start a new life. I received my rightful share of the drained assets, received my equity in our joint businesses that my husband tried to force me out of and retained our home and received permanent alimony. Ms. Sparkman is without a doubt the best lawyer I have come across- she is honest and compassionate and I would not recommend any other family law attorney under any circumstances.”

– A.T., Tampa., FL

“When I got arrested on a criminal charge last year, the first thing that came to my mind was how am I going to get through this? Working with the Sparkman’s is one of the best decisions I made. Shazia’s attention to detail, a track record filled with experience and knowledge and most importantly, having my best interest in mind has made my life that much easier. My case included multiple charges leaving me with a defeated mindset but with the guidance of Shazia and following though on my end, we have been able to over come the hurdles that stood in out way. Also being that I was charged with a felony crime one of my greatest worries was how I was going to be looked at *treated* by my attorney. After the initial meeting with Shazia all of my defeated emotions were put aside and our focus was to overcome in a positive mindset. I am 100% confident that if I follow the advise of my counsel the outcome of my case will be in my favor.”

– R., Tampa, FL