High-Asset And Complex Divorces By Tampa Attorneys

South Tampa High-Asset Divorce Law Attorney

Individuals who are of high net worth and are seeking a divorce have issues that are different from standard divorces. These cases must be handled delicately to ensure that all aspects are addressed and each spouse is getting the portion of the marital estate to which he or she is entitled.

We at Sparkman Law Firm are able to handle complex and high-asset divorces for clients in and around the Tampa area. Our firm strives to maintain confidentiality for these clients while working through the many issues that may arise, including property division and business valuation, along with child support, child custody, and spousal maintenance.

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We Can Help You Uncover Hidden Assets In Tampa, FL Divorces

In some cases, it may be suspected that one spouse is hiding assets in a separate account. Often these accounts are located offshore or overseas. In order to complete the property division process, these assets must be uncovered. We strive to ensure that our investigations are completed with the help of experts to ensure that anything hidden is uncovered.

Determining Spousal Maintenance In Tampa, FL

In high-asset divorce cases, spousal maintenance is often a factor. Also referred to as alimony or spousal support, maintenance is the amount of money paid to one spouse by the other in order to maintain the lifestyle to which he or she had grown accustomed to during the marriage. Spousal maintenance can be negotiated during divorce mediation or ordered by the court if the matter is litigated.

Some of the factors considered when determining the amount of spousal maintenance include:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Income earning potential of the parties
  • Age of the parties
  • Health of the parties
  • Education of the parties

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