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How Can Parents Support Their Children During a Gray Divorce?

On behalf of Sparkman Law Firm posted in Family Law on Sunday, August 12th, 2018

In Florida, a popular retirement destination, the term “gray divorce” is often used to describe older couples who decide to dissolve their marriage later in life. While there’s nothing that legally separates a gray divorce from any other divorce, there can be some unique emotional issues when adult children learn of the split and when their parents are suddenly living alone and providing for themselves. If you’re involved in a gray divorce, here’s how you can support your children.

Recognize Grief

Divorce can deeply affect adult children, as much as when a divorce occurs between the parents of younger children. Many parents expect their adult children to have little to say about the divorce and are quite surprised when their children voice their grief over their decision to split. Recognize their feelings and avoid being dismissive simply because they’re adults. Ask your children how you can help them process their emotions.

Strive to Make Holidays Work

A primary stressor for divorcing parents with older children is holiday time. When parents are separated and older children are visiting for Thanksgiving or Christmas, it can be challenging to navigate time between households. Although holidays can bring about unique emotional challenges, it’s important to be flexible to accommodate different schedules. Understand that your divorce can make an already stressful time even more so and do what you can to minimize conflict, such as compromising on what day or time you have the family meal at your house.

Be Open to Assistance

Many adult children are concerned when their parents begin living alone after a divorce. This is particularly true in cases where one or both parents were dependent on the other for care. Don’t be surprised if your children make comments regarding your ability to care for yourself. If you find yourself struggling to live independently after your divorce, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you are successfully living on your own, understand that your children only want what is best for you and they may not always know what that is.

Obtaining Legal Help in a Gray Divorce

If you’re involved in a gray divorce in Florida, or you’re considering divorce as an option, don’t wait to get legal help. The often unique circumstances of a gray divorce require extensive experience and legal expertise. Contact Sparkman Law today for more information or to book a consultation to discuss your next move. Call now at (813) 374-2000.

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