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Through no fault of your own, you have fallen behind on child support payments because of a job loss. Conversely, you may be seeking support from an ex-spouse or biological father who seems less than interested in paying. At the Tampa law firm of Sparkman Law, we recognize the challenges that parents face during difficult economic times. We Can Assist With:


  • Modification of Child Support
  • Establishment of Child Support
  • Enforcement of Child Support

Non-payment of child support is a serious legal matter that requires an aggressive attorney at your side. Contact us at our Tampa office today.

Economic Difficulties Do Not Exempt You From Paying Child Support In Tampa, FL

If you are finding it more difficult to make your child support payments because of a job loss or other financial setback, do not ignore the problem. Not only does non-payment strain relationships with your ex-spouse and your children, but it is also treated seriously by judges and the Department of Revenue. You cannot stop paying, hoping the problem will go away. Falling behind on child support could mean jail time.

Holding A Parent Accountable For Paying Child Support In Tampa

At The Sparkman Law Firm, we also know the financial challenges a parent faces when his or her ex-spouse falls behind or refuses to pay child support. An enforceable legal decree has been violated, requiring you to take action. When it comes to money to provide for your child, far too much is at stake to ignore the problem. Regardless of the damage, it may cause due to a relationship with your ex-spouse or biological father, you must take action.

We also handle child support cases that involve the need for DNA testing to prove paternity of a non-paying biological father.

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