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South Tampa Marital Fraud Attorney And Hidden Assets Assistance

When a property is divided as part of a divorce, the law requires that all marital income and assets are included. In some cases, one spouse will attempt to hide certain assets in an effort to avoid having them distributed in the property settlement. Be sure that you have an experienced Florida property division attorney who can help to ensure that your property division proceeding begins with an accurate representation of all marital assets.

At the law firm of Sparkman Law, our Tampa attorneys use effective strategies for locating hidden assets. We have extensive experience uncovering all types of fraudulent asset protection schemes, and you can rely on us to pursue every available option in an effort to see that you receive the most beneficial settlement available for your case.

Committed To A Fair Marital Property Settlement In Tampa, FL

When you hire our firm, our attorneys work to ensure that your rights are protected to the fullest extent possible. We have access to a broad network of experts, including forensic accountants and others who can help us find any hidden assets that should be included in the marital estate. If there are any assets or funds that have not been disclosed prior to the property division proceeding, we can provide the necessary resources to find them.

We have helped clients with all types of complex hidden asset matters, including the following:

  • Undervaluation of a business
  • Underreported income
  • Valuation of business assets or pension accounts
  • Increase in value of retirement accounts
  • Increase in value of investment accounts or investment property
  • Offshore or otherwise hidden bank accounts
  • Fraudulent transfer of assets

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