Addressing The Legal And Emotional Issues Of Relocation In South Tampa, FL

Family Law: South Tampa Relocation Attorney

The possibility of your child moving to a neighboring state or across the country can be devastating. Yet, a job change or pending marriage of your ex-spouse may necessitate a relocation. The process is complex and requires notification and a formal hearing before a judge. At Sparkman Law Firm, we protect the rights of our clients involved in a relocation and look out for the best interests of their children.

While there may be set plans to move or to take a new job out of state, a relocation is anything but automatic. Contact us at our Tampa office today.

Looking Out For Your Best Interests And Those Of Your Children In South Tampa, FL

The frequency of people moving throughout the country necessitates a detailed legal process to ensure that the non-custodial parent’s rights are protected. As in all divorce and post-divorce cases, the best interests of the children are a primary factor. An active and caring parent should not be denied time spent with his or her son or daughter because the spouse moves.

Representing You Aggressively At The Relocation Hearing In South Tampa, FL

At Sparkman Law Firm, we represent clients seeking to move and clients fighting to prevent a relocation. The first step is to schedule the mandatory hearing, where an attorney is at your side. From there, a judge considers various factors, hears from both sides and makes a decision. Relocation may or may not be approved.

Modifying Divorce Decrees In Tampa, FL

If the move is approved, custody and support matters must be revisited as well. The non-custodial parent paying support may see that amount reduced to account for travel expenses. Child custody can undergo a modification to allow for a block of time over a summer or holiday break.

Regardless of what side you are on, we are dedicated to seeking the best outcome for you and your children.

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