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Study Shows Women Concerned About Losing Their Own Cash in Divorce

On behalf of Sparkman Law Firm posted in Business Law on Friday, October 16th, 2020

Many women who are contemplating divorce, may be in fear of losing their own cash, if they have a less well-off husband, according to a recent study out of the United Kingdom.

With less chance of winning in big divorce, many women are now returning their focus to rebuild marriages that have been strained for some time. Successful women who tend to be the breadwinners in these relationships are reluctant to give their husbands cash after a divorce, which may be awarded in the division of property and spousal support elements of their case.

The growing success of women has the potential to dramatically alter when and how women choose to get divorce and the potential fallout from this. With decreasing chances of winning a major chare of a husband’s wealth, many wives are now trying to rebuild their marriage rather than risking the potential fallout of a break up. The shift, according to lawyers, has had to do with changes in the attitudes of judges and the growing success of the women in the workplace and their careers overall.

Money problems tend to be one of the most common issues reported across marriages that are falling apart, but now women have their unique concerns to consider if they tend to be the primary breadwinner or if their husband is financially disadvantaged at the time of the divorce.

Many women may try multiple methods to rebuild the marriage where possible including couples counseling. However, these efforts may not enough to rebuild the marriage and to instill faith and confidence across the relationship overall. For those who are still contemplating divorce, the insight of an experienced divorce attorney is extremely valuable in putting together a case and preparing for the potential outcome and fallout.

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