Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce In Tampa, FL

What You Need To Know About Divorce In Tampa, FL

In our years of experience guiding clients through the divorce process, we have heard and answered countless questions. Here are a few we hear frequently. Please note that every case is unique and the best way to have your questions answered is to speak with a knowledgeable divorce attorney.

  • How long does it take to get divorced in Florida? Each situation is unique, and it may depend on the tone and complexity of your divorce. A fairly simple uncontested divorce filing may take as little as four to five weeks, while a litigious divorce filing with complex financial issues may take up to six months.
  • What are Florida’s residency requirements for a divorce filing? At least one spouse must have been a Florida resident for the six months immediately preceding the divorce filing. Even if you have not yet met the residency requirement, it may be wise to speak to a lawyer if you are planning a divorce filing. We can help you take steps to put yourself in the best possible position to protect your interests.
  • Do I have to go through mediation if I know the case won’t settle? Florida law requires that divorcing couples go through mediation before moving onto litigation. In many cases, mediation helps couples resolve immediate issues such as support, time-sharing, and possession of the marital home.
  • Am I entitled to financial support from my spouse or former spouse? If your spouse earns significantly more than you do, there is a strong possibility that you may be awarded alimony for at least some time after the end of the marriage. This may be determined by a judge or agreed upon in mediation.

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