Tampa, FL Divorce Mediation And Collaborative Law

Tampa, FL Mediation And Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Divorce mediation and collaborative law as an alternative to the courtroom are becoming more prominent. Clients who come to our firm are seeking a more peaceful resolution. However, with challenging economic times, divorcing couples also want a more affordable option.

Collaborative Law In Tampa, FL

As dedicated divorce attorneys, we at The Sparkman Law Firm, are committed to seeking the best resolution for our clients through the practice of collaborative law. Our Tampa-based firm is sensitive to the needs that are unique to each client and case. We strive to keep costs down by handling cases through mediation or collaborative law. The more a couple works together, the less time the divorce can take and the more money they can save. If a divorce agreement is reached quickly, clients can also get back to living their lives and caring for their children sooner.

If divorce mediation is the best option both financially and emotionally, contact us today at 813-337-7744.

Mediation And Collaboration Can Help You Save Time And Money In Tampa, FL

You don’t have to delay your divorce simply due to financial concerns. Many assume that a divorce is always a knock-down, drag-out fight in court, where huge sums of money are spent to resolve issues. While we do handle cases of that nature, we also recognize the emotional and monetary value of mediation and other forms of collaborative law. In recent years, more and more people have discovered the money-savings and time-savings that collaborative law and divorce mediation can offer. We are able to tailor the approach to meet our clients’ financial and emotional needs in these personally and economically stressful times.

Working Together Through Mediation Efforts In Tampa, FL

Working together through divorce mediation or collaborative law can also provide any children in the case an opportunity to see parents working together. This can set a better tone for family relationships going forward.

Keep in mind that negotiations may still take on an adversarial tone before a mediator or in a more informal setting. All issues are put on the table in an effort to find a middle ground that both sides can live with following a divorce. Resolution can come faster and sometimes cheaper. There is a way to achieve your goals and financial savings at the same time.

If All Else Fails, We’re With You Through Litigation

Please know that if mediation does not work, litigation is still a viable option. The courtroom often provides the venue you need to protect your rights and secure what you deserve out of your marriage. However, it is important to note that litigation can get costly and take a serious toll on all parties. We try to help clients avoid this if at all possible. We are skilled litigators who can effectively argue your case in court whenever necessary.