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Paternity is a chance for a father to prove a biological link. It can also assist a birth mother in holding a nonsupporting dad accountable. Establishing paternity is a way for the correct individuals to have access to and be responsible for the child in question.

At The Sparkman Law Firm, we handle the legal due diligence in complicated cases often rife with emotion. Our Tampa-based attorneys understand that these cases can be difficult. Sometimes, an individual is suddenly thrust into the role of parent. However, we are committed to helping our clients deal with the issues that stem from a paternity case and see that the test is completed in order to move forward.

If you need assistance with proving paternity in Tampa, FL, let our experienced attorneys help you. Contact us at our Tampa office today.

As more people have children out of wedlock, these cases are becoming more common. It is important that paternity is established in order to see that the proper parent is held responsible for child support and is also allowed the proper access to the child through child custody and visitation orders.

We are experienced in handling all aspects of the case, from filing motions to seeing that the DNA test is successfully completed. Our firm puts clients first, working hard to see that their questions and concerns in a paternity matter are addressed. In some cases, we are advocates for fathers’ rights and can explain how the paternity test results affect child support and child custody.

The Emotionally Charged Issues In A Tampa Paternity Case

In addition to DNA testing to prove paternity, we also handle paternity actions and child support enforcement cases that involve the Department of Revenue. A nonpaying biological father must be held responsible for the baby he conceived. Conversely, a birth mother denying the rightful father visitation must be forced to comply with the law.

At our firm, we attend to legal matters in cases that are emotionally charged and with much at stake.

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