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Am I stuck with this old order for child support?

Imagine what you were doing 10 years ago. You were probably at a very different point in your life. You likely had a different job, a different partner, a different lifestyle and different financial responsibilities.

Now imagine that you are going to buy a car. You wouldn’t use all that information from 10 years ago to decide which car you want and what you can afford, would you? You would base your decision on what is most appropriate for you today. This is the same type of logic you could apply when it comes to modifying child support payments.

Modifying child support payments is something that can be crucial for many parents across Florida. Over time, our capabilities and the needs of our kids can change dramatically. Expecting a child support order from five or 10 years ago to stay fair until your child turns 18 could be a big mistake.

This is why it can be a good idea to reassess your situation periodically to ensure your orders reflect a parent’s capabilities and meet the needs of a child.

However, in order for the courts to approve a child support modification, you must show that there are significant changes that warrant a review and adjustment. Significant changes could mean:

  • Dramatic loss or increase in either parent’s income
  • Changes in the medical needs of the child
  • Significant adjustments to a parenting plan and custody arrangements

Minor changes or fluctuations in financial capabilities likely won’t suffice in terms of having a child support order modified, but if you or the other parent of your child have experienced one or more of the changes mentioned above, it may be time to revisit your child support order.

Before you decide to file a support order request with courts on your own, it can be wise to first consult an attorney who is familiar with the rules and processes associated with child support modifications. With legal guidance, you can build your claim and pursue a fair, appropriate resolution.

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