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Can I keep my ex from moving away with our child? Pt. 2

In a recent post we began discussing the sensitive matter of relocation and child custody in Florida. As grownups, sometimes it becomes necessary or at least desirable to relocate. But as grownups, we often have to address more than our own needs when such life options develop.

When two people have a child together, they will more often than not always need to communicate about the child’s well-being. Communicating about relocation is a must when a custodial parent wants to take the child a relatively far distance away from the other parent. Courts can require this communication — it is that important.

But why is it so crucial, and what is the legal process like in terms of addressing parental rights within the scope of relocating a child away from a parent?

If a family is fortunate, both parents and any other potential parties who have rights to sharing time with the child will all agree and consent to the proposed relocation. Still, an agreement should be legally confirmed through a written agreement that sets forth detailed terms of the arrangement.

Terms of the arrangement will include specifics of visitation in order to protect the noncustodial parent’s rights to time-sharing. Of course, if the child lives a significant distance away from that parent, the necessity of travel creates another arrangement that must be agreed upon. How will the parent and/or child travel for visits, and how will such travel be paid for if necessary?

Having these matters laid out clearly in a relocation consent agreement could prevent consistent debates about the travel matters and time sharing in the future. Fewer debates tend to mean less stress, for both the parents as well as the child.

Sometimes, however, even the parents with good intentions will disagree. Agreeing to relocation and/or the arrangements associated with it could create significant, emotional debate. An upcoming post will discuss the matter of petitioning the relocation of a child and strategy tied to the sensitive family law situation.

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