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Controversial Florida alimony laws may change

Time passes. Life changes. Societal norms change. Injustices rise to the surface. Some people in Florida believe a current family law norm in the state is an injustice. Will the arguments against Florida’s spousal support laws be enough to finally prompt new alimony legislation?

Senate Bill 412 is on the table and, if passed, would revolutionize terms of alimony laws in Florida in ways that best serve various parties associated with the support cases: exes, new spouses and children. So what are the proposed changes to the sensitive area of family law?

For years, critics of current alimony laws in Florida have complained that the laws can be unfair and damaging to relationships. The main issue of contention is permanent alimony. Does it make sense to require someone to support an ex until one of them dies? What if the receiver of the support is relatively young and able to work? Couldn’t he or she be able to eventually build financial security on their own?

Of course, every divorce case is unique, with unique financial realities and unique family dynamics. Will you be or are you already the recipient of alimony and know that you should be supported by your ex for the rest of your life? Permanent alimony can be the fair arrangement in some Florida divorces.

Maybe you are the spouse who will be obligated to potentially support your ex after divorce and want to ensure the support arrangement is fair to you, your future and the future well-being of your ex. Some critics of permanent alimony believe the arrangement reduces the chance that some divorced parties will reach their full career potential.

What are your divorce concerns and needs? Don’t be afraid to candidly talk to your divorce lawyer about why you believe alimony should go one way or another. Your attorney can help strategize, given current spousal support legislation, to get you the divorce settlement that is best for all.

If Gov. Rick Scott approves bill 412, alimony laws could officially change. We will post updates regarding the matter as the issue progresses. Do you think the laws will or should change? Feel free to share your opinions on our family law blog.

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