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Famous house flippers may divorce, but will their business end?

Most divorces can get complicated. There are two people involved, and then sometimes children. There is marital property and the matter of financial security to worry about.

But throw in a deeper intertwining of the spouses involved, and a divorce can get even stickier. A celebrity story could serve as a high-profile example of how it can work when a couple shares business’ success.

A top show on HGTV is “Flip or Flop.” It follows the couple Tarek and Christina Moussa and their business of buying fixer-upper properties and flipping them for profit. The Moussas are consistently successful in their real estate endeavors.

Will their success in business and as a TV power couple survive the reported divorce for which the Moussas are headed? According to sources, the couple has separated after going through some dramatic incidents as a family. This could be the beginning of crucial shifts for the family (they have two young children) and the Moussas’ business as a team on HGTV.

Details of the couple’s marriage and business are only up for assumption right now. Matters that would become important if the couple does divorce will be both personal and professional. That can make a divorce quite complicated and heated.

Of course, the Moussas would have to create a child custody arrangement. That will likely be the most important and personal aspect of their divorce. But then comes the more formal and professional issue: how will the “Flip or Flop” be handled as a business?

The current status of the show is that it will continue, supposedly with both spouses involved. Working together through a divorce can be hard for anyone. And working together after a divorce is wisely and best done with clear rules set in place, as well as guidelines regarding how money from the business will be divided.

If you are thinking about divorce and are especially concerned because of your family business, let a trusted divorce lawyer help clarify some of the issues that keep you up at night. Life and business after divorce can be okay. It can be better. Proper planning can aid in helping you and your family reach that goal.

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