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Find clarity with property division lawyer during uncertain times

With the New Year here, history shows that more people in Tampa and across the U.S. will make the decision to move forward with divorce. The holidays are behind us, and the countdown to a new year widely represents the turning of a page for men and women who might be unhappy.

The year 2017 already represents a big change for the entire country, even the world. We will be getting a new president. Whether you voted for Trump or not, the reality is that the future is bit uncertain. Choosing divorce at this same time presents another level of uncertainty; therefore, collecting some knowledge about divorce laws in Florida can work toward providing some confidence in a time of major changes.

A change in government can be the beginning of big economic changes. Financial stability is also a matter of concern within most divorces. It is common for both parties to worry about who will get what in the divorce.

At its simplest level, the property division law in Florida is defined as equitable division. FindLaw explains that in equitable division states, the court generally determines what is fair when dividing marital estates.

Therefore, the common idea that property will be split totally 50/50 in the case of divorce is not necessarily true in Florida divorces. A judge might not see that as the equitable or fair financial arrangement.

What might a judge consider when determining what is fair? The court would look at income and earning potential of both parties. Also, fault (while most often ignored in U.S. divorces) might play a role in property division. Individuals’ ages, health and likelihood of inheritance might also be considered in Florida divorces.

If the New Year has ignited a fire in you to move forward with ending your marriage, we understand that you might be emotional. Still, sit down and try to think as clearly as possible about your financial situation.

Collect as much information and as many documents related to your marital estate as you can as soon as possible. Do you have a prenuptial agreement? Bring any information you have found to a trusted divorce lawyer who can lay out your options and evaluate your unique circumstances and how to best protect your goals.

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