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Happy Engagement! Here is a gift of marriage classes?

Anyone who is married or is in the process of wedding-planning knows a lot goes into the wedding preparation. But what about marriage preparation? What did you and your spouse do in order to feel ready for marriage? If you are currently engaged, do you have any plans beyond the wedding details in order to prepare for the supposed forever together?

We bring this up because of a current news story about a trend in Asia. A Forbes contributor shares how a new wedding gift is on the rise in Asian countries: marriage counseling. The goal of the education is to reduce the rate of divorce in countries like China. How would you feel to receive the gift of counseling?

Many couples in Florida do go through pre-marital counseling. Generally, couples will do so because they are getting married in a church or by a clergy member who requires such education. The hope is that couples who go through the counseling address issues that could impact their future marriage, including any potential hurdles that might lead to divorce.

Despite pre-marital counseling, couples in Jacksonville and across the country still tend to face marital conflict. Does the counseling that they went through keep them from divorcing? This depends on each case, the people and the workings of their relationships. Studies reportedly show, however, that couples who go through pre-marital courses have happier marriages and are less likely to divorce.

With the rise of pre-marital education in Asia, one might expect the divorce rate in some Asian countries to decline. While saving some marriages most likely is a benefit and gift to certain families, protecting marriage is not necessarily what’s best for all. Many men and women who choose to divorce do so after giving trying and trying to make things work. They also might make the choice because their marriage is so unhealthy that it’s dangerous to their physical or mental well-being.

What is troubling you within your marriage? What is not working, and are you prepared, equipped or willing to try to get through the marital hurdles? If you simply cannot withstand the hardships within your relationship anymore and you know you must move forward with divorce, you are not giving up. Rather, you might be renewing the invaluable relationship you have with yourself as a person deserving of something better.

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