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More about how e-communications can impact your family law case

By now, you probably know not just about the benefits of our digitally-connected world but also the dangers. The Internet can create frightening legal circumstances. It is not just criminal cases that can stem from irresponsible online activity; family law matters can take root in the form of electronic communications.

A recent post began the conversation on our divorce blog about how social media can play a surprising role in the divorce process. It isn’t just social media sites, however, that could help or hurt you in family law matters. Emails and texts can serve valuable purposes in court, too.

With the popular reliance on email and text communications, you and your ex now both have documented records of things you have told each other. No longer would you have to convince a judge that your ex verbally hinted at getting a big bonus at work; you might have email or text message evidence of that financial information.

If you are feeling dubious about the financial situation and your ex’s honesty about money in your divorce, therefore, you might want to look back at your electronic communications between you and your ex. Look for potential evidence that there might be more money on the table than your ex lets on. Find that possible evidence and print it out. Show it to your lawyer.

We’ve focused on the financial aspects of divorce that can be impacted by electronic communication. Keep in mind, too, that social media posts, emails and texts that suggest unfit behavior of a parent could play a role in child custody matters.

To sum this matter up, understand that the content you post online, email to your spouse or ex and send via text messages provide more thorough pictures of the family situation for a family law court to analyze. If you suspect your ex is lying, weeding through communications that could confirm your suspicion might be a helpful option for you.

An important note, too, is to think about how you portray yourself on social media and whether what you share makes an accurate and fit picture of you, particularly as a parent. While going through divorce, it is safer to assume that your ex and the court are looking for a reason to rule in favor of one party over the other in a child custody dispute. You do not want to lose time with your kids over posts that not only portray you as unfit but portray you inaccurately.

Have any questions or concerns about your divorce and whether online or other electronic activity might affect matters? Talk to a trusted family law attorney to understand the reality of your specific case.

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