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Social media and e-communication: the risk and rewards in divorce

How many times have you been on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram today? Have you written an email? Have you written or received any text messages? It is probable that you have engaged in one or more of these electronic communication habits already today. These modes of communication and leisure have become as common as tying one’s shoes in this day and age.

The everyday aspect of these actions can create a sense of naivete among the people in front of the phone and computer screens. Communications that are entered into a digital world are real. They are documented for all to see and to refer to. They can be used against or for you in a court of family law. But what does that mean for you in your Florida divorce?

First, let’s discuss social media. For many, social media sites are a way to post pictures of their lives and to see what family and friends are up to. It can be a valuable means of staying connected. From a legal standpoint, the posts on these sites can serve as evidence in certain cases such as when determining child support payments.

For example, did your ex say that he makes a certain amount of money and, therefore, cannot pay a certain amount in child or spousal support? Maybe you check Facebook and see a post that he or his friend shared suggesting there is more money in his accounts than he lets on. If you notice some extravagant purchases, you can show those posts to your divorce lawyer as possible evidence of financial fraud.

Emails and text messages can also prove helpful or hurtful in your divorce case. An upcoming post will add to this conversation about digital communication and the possible impacts in your family law case. Until then, can you think about your life and divorce situation and how an electronic communication did impact or could have impacted your case?

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