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What could politics have to do with marriage trends?

It is not often (or ever) that we discuss political issues on our Florida divorce blog. A recent report about an important political matter, however, suggests political decisions have had an impact on family trends. Therefore, it makes sense to talk about the issue of economic decisions in the U.S.

A hot topic politically has been and continues to be the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs. Sending factory, blue-collar jobs out of the country leaves less work for a large demographic of Florida people and others in the U.S. According to an MIT study, the loss of jobs is leaving fewer jobs in the country, as well as fewer marriages among blue-collar men.

The economic study led to family-related findings that may have some application to the conversation of divorce. Before getting to the potential divorce implications of this reported trend, let’s first go over points researchers take from their study:

  • With fewer manufacturing jobs in the U.S., more men are unemployed and, therefore, making little income.
  • This reduces the likelihood that a person would want to marry the low- or no-income group of men.
  • The economic impact of outsourcing manufacturing jobs leaves more men not just unemployed, but likelier to engage in risky behaviors.
  • Behaviors such as drug use, addiction, engagement in crime, etc. lead to men whom are not marriage material or interested in marriage.
  • Risky behaviors kill some of the men or put them behind bars.

Enough about those who do not get married. There are certainly those who despite financial hardships or risky behaviors of one partner go ahead and get married. Or maybe employment difficulties and/or risky habits pop up later in a marriage. Stress due to money and an unhealthy, risky change in behavior most certainly can result in the need to divorce.

Are you tired of fighting with your spouse and worrying about money? Have life’s difficulties such as unemployment or stress caused your spouse to engage in habits that are unhealthy or even dangerous to the well-being of your children? A divorce lawyer can listen to your story and explain what divorce could do for you and your family.

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