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What Factors Does Florida Consider When Awarding Child Custody?

On behalf of Sparkman Law Firm posted in Family Law on Friday, October 12th, 2018

Florida takes many different factors into consideration when making a child custody determination. Ultimately, the state believes a child benefits most by having an equal relationship with both parents. However, there are many cases where shared custody is not in the best interests of the child. Here’s what the courts will be looking at and how you can get the support you need during a child custody case.

Florida’s Child Custody Factors

  • The age of the child
  • The sex of the child
  • The physical and mental health of the child
  • The physical health of both parents
  • The mental health of both parents
  • The desires of the child if they are old enough/mature enough to make a decision
  • Each parent’s home environment
  • The income of each parent
  • Any cultural or religious considerations for each parent
  • How each parent will provide continuity of the child’s current routine
  • How the child currently interacts with immediate and extended family members on both sides of the family
  • Any history of domestic violence or abuse
  • Patterns of emotional abuse
  • Drug use or abuse

What Records You May Need to Provide

You may need to provide records to support the above, such as:

  • The child’s physical and mental health records
  • Your physical and mental health records
  • The physical and mental health records of your child’s other parent
  • Access to your home environment, often through a guardian ad litem
  • Bank statements or pay stubs to establish income
  • Records of domestic violence or abuse reports, such as police reports or reports from child services or schools
  • Evidence of drug use or abuse, such as records from a rehabilitation facility
  • Written notes or journal entries from yourself or your child

When to Contact an Experienced Florida Child Custody Attorney

Going through a child custody case can be a harrowing experience. You want what is best for your child and your family, but sometimes your idea of what is best can conflict with the other parent’s idea of what is best and even the court’s idea of what is best.

It’s important to have someone on your side ready to advocate for you and the interests of your family. Contact Sparkman Law today for a consultation to discuss the details of your case and establish a plan for each of the factors Florida will be evaluating. Call now at (813) 374-2000.

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