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Bad decisions can have serious repercussions for parents

Every parent makes mistakes when it comes to raising children. However, some mistakes are more serious than others and warrant closer inspection of a parent-child relationship. If, for instance, a parent does something abusive or neglectful toward a child, it can be seen less as a mistake and more as an indication that a parent may not be fit to care for a child.

This can be especially disconcerting if you are in the public eye. Under these circumstances, every mistake or questionable decision you might make as a parent could be put under a microscope or splashed across news headlines.


For instance, readers of this blog may have recently heard about politician Anthony Weiner’s sexting scandal and his wife’s announcement that they were separating. According to various news outlets, Weiner was caught sending illicit pictures of himself to another woman.

This has happened before in 2011, but this time there was a new element, which may have led to the separation. In this case, Weiner’s 4-year-old son was in the background of the pictures, meaning Weiner was with his child at the time he engaged in the illicit behavior.

People have raised concerns and questions over the child’s well-being and Weiner’s decision-making skills as a parent. In situations where a parent is neglecting a child in favor of engaging in an extramarital affair and exchanging sexually explicit photos in the same room as a child, there could certainly be an argument made that the child’s welfare could be in danger.

If it is determined that a child’s needs are not being met by one or both parents, it is possible that parental rights and custody plans will need to be adjusted to project the child.

While this story made national news due to the high profiles of Weiner and his wife, who is a top aide to Hillary Clinton, not all cases like this reach the spotlight. If you are involved in a similar situation, you should take it seriously, regardless of the media attention it may or may not receive. Working with an attorney can help you assess your options and navigate the legal system should your parental rights or your ex’s parental rights be called into question.

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