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Divorcing In Tampa

Divorcing In Tampa

Feelings of stress and anxiety are normal, there is nothing more worrisome than trying to move forward with your life while such a large part of your history remains unresolved.  This can be compounded if the situation with your ex-spouse is contentious.

Working Together

The fact of the matter is that your divorce need not be very complicated. There is a quote that life is not complex but that people are and that is the central point of working together and collaborating on your divorce.  The divorce that includes two adults who were at one point very close to one another and who are able to respect each other based on the ability to recall their friendship–is called a collaborative divorce.

What Is A Collaborative Divorce

A Collaborative Divorce is an amicable solution to the dissolution of your marriage.  Not only is a collaborative divorce less stressful, but it is also less costly.  While some individuals have no choice but to go back and forth to court with one adjournment after another, others just want to move on and do so in peace. This may require a level of cooperation and compromise that you and your ex-spouse are not familiar with depending on your specific situation, however, setting aside any emotional feelings, compromising, and collaborating on your divorce will provide all parties with a speedier and more positive resolution.

Is A Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

We are all aware of or know of a situation in which a couple was uncooperative with one another, the situation was volatile or just not amicable. Unfortunately, these couples have a harder road ahead but it doesn’t have to be the same road for you.  If you are seeking to simplify the process, are dedicated to moving on with your life and evolving on separate paths, no matter what your circumstances are, it is possible to sit down at the table in a collaborative setting to get through this with the help of each of your attorneys. At the end of the day, you will want to wish each other well for the purpose of your own health and wellbeing and your Tampa divorce attorneys can help you do just that.

How To Best Approach A Collaborative Divorce

  • Both you and your spouse must be agreeable on collaborating
  • Both you and your spouse must be willing to cooperate
  • Both you and our spouse must have a desire not to involve the courts
  • Both you and your spouse must be willing to allow your attorneys to help settle issues that you may not be 100% in agreement on.

Set The Example

Collaborating on your divorce means that you are willing to work together.  At some point during your relationship, you worked together and you are capable of continuing to do that, especially where children are involved.  A collaborative divorce is a good sign that you will be putting your children first and that co-parenting may be easier than you think. You will also need to address issues concerning your child custody, property, and support and these issues are less complicated when both spouses work together.

Benefits Of Collaborative Divorce

  • The process is more expedient when you work together
  • Less costly as a result of collaboration
  • Avoidance of airing your grievances in a public court forum
  • Avoidance of Court Schedules and further fees

Get Help With Your Tampa Divorce Today

While all married couples may not be able to reach amicable conclusions to their divorce, it is important to make the attempt to resolve such issues in a manner consistent with the cooperative parenting that you will need to draw from for the foreseeable future. You are not alone and while it may seem that a collaborative is out of your reach, with the help of an experienced and compassionate attorney, you can be well on your way to a more positive resolution. Call for assistance today.


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