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What can make a prenup invalid?

For many Florida couples, the thought of a marital contract all but takes the romance out of getting engaged or married. However, the reality is that being married is not always a romantic thing despite romantic moments. Everyday life must be taken care of and that can often be unpleasant, especially when a couple decides to end a marriage. At this moment, a marital contract can all of a sudden become a very desired thing.

Simply having a prenuptial agreement in place is not always enough to give people the protection they desire. As explained by Forbes, a prenup must be properly drafted in order to be valid. There are several things that can lead a marital contract to being declared null and void. One of these things is the inclusion of provisions that are essentially attempts by one person to control the other. A clause that states one spouse must always have a certain hair color, for example, would be a flag to a judge.

Another problem would be lack of full disclosure by one or both parties. Each person is expected to be open and honest about all assets brought to the marriage. Failure to do so can invalidate a prenuptial agreement. Forcing a person to sign a prenup is also a problem that can render a contract invalid.

This information is not intended to provide legal advice but is instead meant to give Florida residents an overview about how to create a prenuptial agreement that will be valid if and when it is ever needed.

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