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Nothing is more precious than your relationship with your children, that’s where creating a parenting plan can help. When going through a divorce, separation, relocation or other substantial change, you may have concerns about the time you will have with them. At Sparkman Law, we understand the importance of this relationship and we help parents develop fair parenting plans.

South Tampa, FL Parenting Plan Laws

Florida law requires that all parents with time-sharing children have a parenting plan in place, even if there is no dispute over custody arrangements. Attorney Shazia Sparkman has helped many families develop plans that meet each parent’s needs and preserve the best interests of the child, including in complex situations involving supervised time-sharing, relocation and blended families.

Fighting For You And Your Loved Ones In South Tampa, FL

Many couples have disagreements about parenting arrangements that must be resolved in mediation or trial. We help our clients understand the relevant laws, determine their priorities and work toward a solution.

Fighting for your best interests does not always mean launching an attack in court. While we are fierce when it comes to protecting our clients, we also prioritize the well-being of any children involved. Whenever possible, we try to resolve disputes involving children in a way that is peaceful and sustainable.

“[Shazia] picked right up where I was lost and was upfront with me about how much I would need to pay and told me straight up what type of case I was up against. She helped me negotiate an awesome deal with my ex-husband regarding child sharing so I wouldn’t have to go through a lengthy trial.”

– A divorce client in Tampa, Florida

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